Batch 9

Toasted Coconut Porter - Brewed on 1/9/11

8.2 lbs Dark Malt Extract
Steeping grains: 18 oz Chocolate Malt, 16 oz Caramel Malt 80L
1 oz Northern Brewer Pellets (bittering hops)
1 oz Perle Pellets (aroma hops)
8 oz Equal Exchange organic cocoa
21 oz organic coconut flakes
Wyeast 1272 AM Ale II Activator yeast
2/3 cup Brown Sugar used as priming sugar



  • First batch with 6-gallon Better Bottle
  • First batch using nylon hops bags

Boil: 60 min
Bittering hops: 60 min
Whirfloc tab: 15 min
Cocoa: 5 min
Aroma hops: flameout
Coconut toasted to a golden brown and added to the secondary. I used sanitized marbles to weigh the bags down.
OG: 1.057

Bottled 2/1/11
FG: 1.01
48 bottles

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