Batch #8

Extra Pale Ale


5.5 lbs Ultra Light Dry Extract (holding 1.25 cups as substitute for priming sugar)
Steeping grains:

  • 1 lb Dextrin Malt
  • 5 oz Crystal Malt 40L
  • 4 oz Victory Malt

3 oz Amarillo hops
S-05 yeast

Dry extract is hard to mess with. It cakes up at the slightest hint of moisture.
OG 1.055
FG 1.015
44 Bottles

  • First bottle seemed way over-carbonated. Lots of sediment that rose to the top of the head.
  • Second bottle was great — slow pour prevented head/sediment issue.
  • By the time Auntie Ann's party rolled around (which is what this batch was brewed for) this was simply fantastic. People seemed to love it, and drank this far more than the Oktoberfests I'd also brought. Great beer!
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