Batch #6

Cream Ale - Brewed 7/5/10



4.95 lbs Light Malt Extract
Steeping Grains - 6 oz 2Row Malt, 6 oz Chrystal 10 L malt
1 oz Mt. Hood bittering hops (added at boil)
1 lb Corn Sugar (Added with 15 minutes left)
1 Whirfloc tab (Added with 15 minutes left)
American Ale Safale US-05 yeast
OG = 1.05

Bottled 7/26/10
Racked to secondary and immediately back into the bottling bucket. Definitely left a lot of the yeast cake out of the bottles, but seems like a lot of work for the results. Should probably do a true secondary if I want to try that again.
46 bottles
FG = 1.01

Meh. Crummiest beer I've brewed. Not horrible, but certainly not anything to brag about or share enthusiastically with friends.

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