Batch #4

American IPA - Brewed 4/4/10

Ingredients American Brewmaster Kit
Steeping Grains - 12 oz Crystal 40 L malt
8.25 lbs light malt extract
1 oz Amarillo (aroma hops)
1 oz Warrior Hop Pellets (bittering hops)
1 oz Centennial (flavoring hops)
Safale US-05 American Ale yeast


Process Bottled 4/26/10
Used thermometer to make sure it was up to 155 before steeping grains.
Tried to straddle the pot over two burners…that doesn't work so well. I think one in the center of the pot will heat quicker.
OG 1.070
FG 1.015

Bottled 4/26
Got 45 beers
Great beer! Very hoppy…but not overpowering.

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