Batch 20

A Penny For Your Thoughts - Extra Pale Ale

Explaining the Name

Kari & Chris both love the incredibly funny Christopher Guest classic, Waiting for Guffman. The movie focuses on a hapless theater troupe's attempts at producing an original musical in the fictional town of Blaine, MO, entitled Red, White, and Blaine. One of the highlights of the performance is a love song between two of the main characters called A Penny For Your Thoughts. If Chris had been a little more brave, this might have been their first dance at the reception.

Total Ingredients

Two batches brewed on the same day.

10 Gallons Spring Water
11 lbs Light Dry Malt Extract (1.25 cups held to use as priming sugar for each batch)
2 lbs Carapils
10 oz Crystal 40L
8 oz Victory
6 oz Amarillo Hops
2 x BRY-97 West Coast Ale Yeast


Preheated water for second batch in pots while finishing up the boil for the first batch. Entire process took a little more than 5 hours.

Batch 1 in glass carboy with blowout tube.
Batch 2 started in plastic carboy with airlock, but had a blowout, so I had to fashion a makeshift blowout tube.

Batch 1 — OG: 1.055; 1.015 — 42 bottles, but one broke while capping.
(1.055 - 1.015) / 0.776 = 5.2% ABV

Batch 2 — OG: 1.05; FG: 1.015 — 46 bottles
(1.050 - 1.015) / 0.776 = 4.5% ABV

Total net: 87 bottles


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