Batch #2

American Pale Ale - 2/13/10

Ingredients - Kit from American Brewmaster
6.6 lbs light malt extract
Steeping grains - 6 oz Wheat malt & 6 oz Crystal 40 L malt
1 oz bittering hops (Cascade)
1 oz flavoring hops (Willamette)
American Ale Yeast

Tried bottled spring water, since I don't like the taste of my tapwater.
Steeped at 4, boiled wort at 8
Rolled down the malt pouches to get all out…happy with that process.
Boiled 3 gallons for the wort and added two gallons in the bucket.
OG 1.05
FG 1.01


Bottled 3/5/10
Got 45 bottles (not including 6oz for measuring gravity, and about 8 oz leftover in the fridge for tasting)
Green bottles suck — Peroni worked ok at best, Stella wouldn't cap at all.
Sampled on 3/15. VERY happy with the results. Nice aroma, great taste! Still pretty cloudy, but not nearly as much sediment as the Red Ale.
Sampled again 3/25. Taste was fine, but the two beers I tried were both flat.
About half of this batch ended up being flat. I don't think the priming sugar circulated much when I racked to the bottling bucket.

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