Batch 17

As You Wish: Young's Double Chocolate Stout Clone - 7/12/14

Explaining the Name

Kari & Chris both love the timeless 80s classic, The Princess Bride. In the movie, Westley (played by Cary Elwes), uses the phrase "As you wish" as a stand-in for "I love you" whenever he speaks to Buttercup (Robin Wright).


1.375 lbs Light DME
3.3 lbs Light LME
8 oz 2-Row Pale Ale Malt
11 oz Crystal Malt (60 °L)
13 oz Chocolate Malt
12 oz Lactose
5 oz Corn Sugar
6 oz Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa
2 oz Honey (provided by Kari's father)
1 Whirfloc tab
1/8 tsp Yeast Nutrients
1.5 oz Fuggles Hops
.25 oz East Kent Goldings Hops
Wyeast 1318 London Ale III
5 gallons spring water
2/3 cup Light Brown Sugar for priming


First batch done with a helper! Kari did a great job, and made the entire session easier.
Steeped grains in 2 gallons of water for 45 min. at about 180°
Added DME, sugars, and another gallon, then brought to boil
60: Fuggles Hops
15: LME, cocoa/yeast nutrient (previously dissolved in warm water), East Kent Goldings Hops, Whirfloc Tab

OG = 1.050

Bottled on 8/9
FG = 1.020
45.5 bottles

(1.050 - 1.020) / 0.776 = 3.8% ABV


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