Batch #15

Rye Pale Ale

Brewed 5/11/13

6 lbs Light/Pale Malt Extract
1 lb Rye Malt
1 lb Munich Malt
8 oz Victory Malt
6 oz Honey Malt
1 oz Magnum hops (60 min)
¾ oz Fuggles hops (30 min)
½ oz East Kent Goldings hops (20 min)
½ oz East Kent Goldings hops (10 min)
1 oz Cascade hops (5 min)
2 oz Amarillo hops (dry hopped at 10 days)
1332 Northeast Ale Wyeast liquid yeast pack
OG: 1.030

-Muslin bag stuck to the bottom of the brew kettle and it burned a hole in it. Most of the grains stayed in, but a lot escaped. Strained the entire thing prior to adding to the carboy.
-Dry hopped the Amarillo hops at the start of secondary fermentation in two nylon hops bags; added on 5/23 and removed them on 5/28.

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